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The biblical role of a deacon in the church functions to tend to the physical and logistical needs of the local body.  

This kind of service carried out by deacons is a witness to the mercy and kindness of Christ, and provides a vital means of practical care in the church.  By meeting important needs within the body, deacons allow for the elders to steward the bulk of their time toward preaching, teaching and prayer. This principle is discernable from Acts 6:1-6 where seven men were selected to help meet the felt needs of the community so that pastors could be more focused on soul care (word and prayer).

At Roots Community Church, the responsibility of a deacon could include but is not limited to: all types of benevolence, event planning, administration, resource distribution, meal train coordination, facility care, hospitality, communication, parking, and helping to facilitate member connection.

Those who serve as deacons at Roots Community Church exemplify and embody the characteristics and qualifications required for this biblical office.  Deacons are members of Roots Church who are full of integrity with a firm understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ and meet the qualifications for the office of deacon detailed 1 Timothy 3:8-13. 


Lindsey Dornhofer

Deacon of Hospitality

Southern California has always been home for me (life is hard, right?).  I was born and raised in North Orange County until I moved to San Diego to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Point Loma Nazarene University. It was during these formative and challenging years that God in his grace revealed to me how I’d been living in sin and not fully surrendering myself to him. Though looking elsewhere for hope and satisfaction is still a struggle, I am constantly reminded of my dependence on the Lord and that through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, I am truly redeemed. In God’s timing I also met my husband, Kyle, during my time at PLNU. God has now led us back to Orange County and we are both working hard to pursue careers in the medical field. 


Kyle Dornhofer

Deacon of Hospitality

I grew up in central California, attending church from early childhood through high school. I heard the gospel often: that Jesus lived the perfect/sinless life we could never live yet willingly died to pay for the sins for which we deserved to die. Still, I didn’t think I needed help. I spent most of my childhood and early adult life believing I could live a good life and find peace and purpose apart from Jesus. It was only after several agonizing years of searching for peace and hoping in many other things that I began to understand I could not create peace and that I didn’t need to because Jesus had accomplished this on my behalf. Peace with God is found in Jesus alone. This truth changed my life.

Being a part of Roots Community Church in Costa Mesa has been an incredible gift of God’s grace.  My wife, Lindsey, and I are honored to serve the church in the role of deacon. In leading the hospitality team, we aim to glorify God during our Sunday service by elevating His word, which is perfect and true, rather than anything that we as humans can create for entertainment or comfort (1 Peter 4:11). It is our hope and goal to help create a space where all feel welcome to come and learn about God– just as Jesus welcomed people from all backgrounds who would come to Him (Mark 2:15-17).


Mike SaiaRoots_WebsitePhoto_RF_v1

Deacon of Member Mercy

Orange County has been my home since 1961. My beautiful wife Patricia and l have been married for 37 years, we have 4 adult children and 6 grandsons with a granddaughter on the way. God has been good to the Saia family and if l had only one word to describe who God is that word would be “faithful”! The words of Jesus are true, “I will never leave you nor forsake you”.

Living here my whole life l have seen Orange County go through many changes but one thing remains the same, every person here needs to be restored back to God. Our sin separated us from Him, and God in His love made the atonement for our sin through the blood of His Son. There is no message on the face of the planet that comes close to the good news of the gospel. There is no other provision for our sin other than what God the Father did in sending God the Son to be our Savior.

My heart’s desire is to serve the Body of Christ at Roots Community Church so the elders can continue to devote themselves to prayer and the teaching of the Word of God. That each of us would be built up in the faith for the work of the ministry. So that each of us will not only know and understand the gospel but that we will also not be ashamed of it but would boldly proclaim what Jesus did on the cross.

My prayer is that we will grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus and we will learn how to serve one another in love.